“I have been dealing with Busby Oils for the past 20 years and have found the quality of the Eucalyptus that we purchase to be of a consistently high quality. Your service level, including on-time deliveries, prompt order acknowledgement and response to queries has been excellent over the years. We look forward to dealing with you in 2010.”

Jennifer van Heerden
Roche Products (Pty) Ltd, South Africa

“Busby Eucalyptus Oil has been a family favourite for two years now. A teaspoonful added to the bath water is wonderful, very good for soothing headaches, sinusitis, tired muscles and aches. A dab of the neat oil on itchy bites, insect stings etc. is brilliant. Excellent for rubbing off awkward stains on clothing prior to a normal wash. Great for getting grease, paint etc off your hands after being in the workshop. If you have a cold or headache, dab a few drops on your pillowcase before going to sleep.”

John Gallon
Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

“Your products are amazing. I was not well recently, and your Eucalyptus Oil really helped me a lot :)”

Roxanne Chutthergoon
South Africa

“We have used Busby’s Eucalyptus Oil for all kinds of things, from putting it into the water in my children’s humidifier, washing carpets and upholstery (especially when I want to get rid of strange smells). It works like a bomb, even getting rid of urine stains and smell. I live in Seattle now and I wish I could get hold of some, it was like a life saver.”

Veronique Hopkinson
Seattle, USA

“Busby’s eucalyptus oil is one of a kind – fabulous for almost every use under the sun.”

Macrobiotic Health Shop, South Africa

“For some time now I have been using eucalyptus oil to clean and disinfect around my house, as well as add eucalyptus oil to my laundry to freshen and soften. I seriously injured my large toe whilst away on holiday, and the wound couldn’t dry-out in the humid summer air. Worried that the wound would get infected, I poured eucalyptus oil on my toe undiluted. Within a couple hours my wound was completely dry. The plus is that eucalyptus oil also has antiseptic properties to clean the wound. I will definitely add eucalyptus oil to my travel first aid kit.”

Julia Becharas
Johannesburg, South Africa

“I suffered from terribly debilitating Cirrhosis of the scalp for a number of years. I continuously scratched and it was very distressing as it not only kept me awake at night but also continued all day while I was at work accompanied by severe flaking. I had tried all types of treatments and other leading brands and nothing had helped. I was introduced to Busby Oils product range when they listed their products in our pharmacy. I now wash my first with a few drops of Busby 100% Eucalyptus Oil mixed into my shampoo, to clean my scalp of any infections, and then apply the Liquid Gold Pure Tissue Oil directly onto my scalp at night. Within the first wash and application my itchiness had stopped and my flaking was hugely reduced. Now a month later, I can say that all signs of flaking around my ears and base of skull have totally disappeared and my itchiness has been drastically reduced to the extent I sometimes forget I have any condition at all. If the company had to approach me to do a video testimonial I would be more than happy, as coming from a pharmacist directly I believe more people would find it believable that this product is excellent.”

Shuhana Hookamchana

“I really like the clean smell of the Busby Eucalyptus Oil, I add it to my bath every evening and into my fabric softener section of my washing machine for towels and linen etc. I also like the delicate perfume of the Busby Pure Tissue Oil. I put it on my arms, legs and chest every morning – it moisturises without being greasy. I am also using it on areas where my doctor has burnt sunspots from my legs.”

Eve Radford
Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

“Your eucalyptus oil is brilliant! We came across it a couple of years ago and have since been stocking it in our health shop in Howick – and using it for all sorts of purposes ourselves – whether in the washing machine with the laundry, bath, wounds, massages, or a couple of drops on the pillow at night! It has a fragrance quite different from other products – close your eyes and you could be in a forest. Full marks, and long may it continue!”

Mike Norris
Em’s Health and Therapy, South Africa

“It is well known fact that eucalyptus oil is used in many medicines. Busby’s quality is fantastic.”

Sam Danon
Johannesburg, South Africa

“As a matter of interest – A friend was using Eucalyptus Oil to treat his daughter’s wound, which she got from a bad bicycle fall. The wound was not healing and the swelling on her leg continued until he tried Eucalyptus Oil and it is the only thing that seemed to work. He bought all the stock from the pharmacy in his area – somewhere in the East Rand.”

South Africa