Sustainability Policy

To ensure that we develop and produce safe and sustainable products to meet our customer’s needs, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

To achieve this policy we need to ensure we balance three requirements; economic development, social development and environmental protection.


Our R&D department focuses its attention on developing natural, effective and affordable products for the Health & Hygiene sector. To offer our customers new and innovative products which are environmentally friendly and safe to use.


Through our eucalyptus leaf harvesting supply chain, we create significant job opportunities for previously disadvantaged individuals. We also work closely with our local communities to help establish “out grower” projects to feed into our supply chain.


Our operating policies and procedures are designed to ensure that we keep our environment as pristine and natural as possible. No wild harvesting is performed and all of our leaf supply is sourced from managed plantations, most of which are FSC (“Forest Stewardship Council”) certified.